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About Us

Dr. Paeglow


Provide compassionate, high quality, patient-centered healthcare, in a faith-based environment, to the underserved in New York’s Capital Region.


Strive to eliminate health disparity within the Capital Region. Where possible, participate in global community change to advance optimum wellness of body, mind and spirit.


1. Promote a healing power of prayer environment.

2. Emphasize programs that provide preventative healthcare, education, advocacy and empowerment, edifying the patient and creating healthy relationships.

3. Provide healthcare services in an atmosphere of excellence and confidentiality.

4. Offer healthcare services and prayer to all patients regardless of their ability to pay, social standing, religious beliefs, or cultural background.

5. Treat all patients with dignity and respect that recognizes their unique value as a special creation.

6. Exercise good stewardship of our healthcare resources, continually seeking ways to invest these resources in the Capital Region community.

7. Provide educational opportunities for students and healthcare professionals centered on our values.

8. Actively pursue affiliations and relationships with like-minded organizations.